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Semi-elliptical heads,torispherical,... (from a single sheet of metal)
Semi-elliptical heads,torispherical,... (by joining half discs)
Flanged-only heads, special flat heads, flanged rings
Flanged-only heads, expansion joint bellows
Hot-formed heads
Dished-only heads (from a single sheet of metal)
Dished-only heads (by joining two half discs)
Conical heads
The various machining stages for each kind of product are presented below. They refer to standardized production processes: however, given the high degree of flexibility achieved in all phases of development and in-depth knowledge of applications gained over the years, we can also tailor results to the customer's individual specifications.
By way of example, we have included a couple of cases where the head is obtained by joining half discs: in actual fact, any kind of head, of considerable size, can be made by joining a number of segments together.