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Investments, which allow the Company to keep pace with technological development, also mean S.I.F.E.A. boasts an inventory of cutting-edge machinery to assure leadership in this sector for years to come.

Putting its technological and organizational know-how developed so far to the market's service, the Company assures product reliability and, more generally speaking, continued improvement.

S.I.F.E.A. has been running a successful business for 30 years with a sole objective: continued improvement of the end product's competitiveness.

Our product is not a standard one, especially given the customers' demands for a product tailored to their needs: this translates into constant commitment to research so that we can come up with solutions to improve and optimize production processes. This is made possible by exploiting experience gained over the years and the ability to solve an infinite number of problems.

Opportunities offered in terms of construction and production flexibility for each individual case mean we can afford to focus on the needs and expectations of the customer, at the same time making sure that products and services offered are in absolute compliance with the latest European and overseas directives.

Product quality is the result of thorough, meticulous control of the system as a whole and of the individual production process stages.

More specifically, all materials are subjected to strict quality controls and are only used if they meet the required technical standards.

All production takes place under the vigilant supervision of the Quality Department, which applies criteria in accordance with current regulations to the whole process, from the moment the raw materials are brought in to the final testing of the finished product.